ISL Vol.2 No.1


Engaging with the World: An Interview with Terry Tempest Williams

Core Concepts and Basic Theories of Narrative: A Conversation with Gerald Prince

Remarks on Narrative Space

“The Hell of the Same”: On Ethical Confusions of Human Cloning in A Number

Ethical Choice and Tragical Chaos in the Lais by Marie de France

The Reading Cultures and Ethical Codes of Germany and Japan in the Eighteenth Century

The Discourse Construction of Ethical Literary Criticism: History, Arguments and Prospects

The Taste of Picturesque and its Ethical Absence as Reflected in William Gilpin’s Observations on the River Wye

A Literary Ethical Criticism of the Marriage Narrative in Hanif Kureishi’s Novella, Intimacy

A Comparative Study on the Element of Revolt in Children’s Literature from the Perspective of Ethical Literary Criticism

Humanism in the Unnatural Narrative: The Ethical Appeal and the Salvation of the Subject in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Further Reflection on the Tragedy of Madame Bovary from the Perspective of Virtue Theory

Music and “Uncanny” in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfal

Literary Canon and Cultural Continuity: Leavis’s Construction of the “Living Tradition”

Loyal and Flexible Translation and Dissemination of Chinese Literature: A Review of Journey of Sinologists’ English Translation of Chinese Literature

A Masterpiece of the Research on Japanese Contemporary Social Literature: Thirty Years of Social Literature: Bubble Economy, the End of Cold War, 3.11

The Becoming and Developing of British Children’s Literature: A Review of From the Industrial Revolution to Children’s Literature Revolution: A Study on Modern British Fairy-tale Novels