ISL Vol.4 No.2


Approaches and Challenges in Children’s Literature: An Interview with Lissa Paul

Poetry and Psychoanalysis: The Ethics of Desire in W. B. Yeats’s Poetic Discourse

The Ethical Choice in Vietnamese Pastoral Novels after 1986

Universality and Locality in the Landscape of “World Literature”: An Exploration of Sinologist Idema’s Research Path of the Chinese Baojuan

Martha Nussbaum’s View on Compassion: Controversies, Analysis and Reflections

An Ethical Interpretation of Jealousy: On the Brain Text and Ethical Choice in Julian Barnes’s Before She Met Me

The Ethics in Desires of Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Ethical Identity and Ethical Choice: An Ethical Literary Study on Liu Hong’s Novel The Magpie Bridge

Ethical Critical Approaches to Pascal Quignard’s Novels

The Ecological Ethical Dilemma and Choice in Fish King

Goddess, widow, whore: The Ethical Identity Constructed in Seicho Matsumoto’s The Red Lottery

Amélie’s Ethical Identity and Ethical Choice in Métaphysique des tubes

Overinterpretation: Subjectivity in Acceptance of Bakhtin’s Polyphonic Novel Theory

Innovation in the Study of Bernard Shaw’s Plays: A Review of The Ethical Expressions of Society and Politics: A Study on George Bernard Shaw’s Plays

Faith Is on the Road: An Introduction to A Writer for the Liberal Tradition: Jack Kerouac

Reflection and Potentiality on Literature Studies: A Review of Jüri Talvet’s Critical Essays on World Literature, Comparative Literature and the “Other”