ISL Vol.4 No.4


Moral Judgement in Historical Perspective: The Experience of the Roman Love Elegy

A Comparative Study of Two Images in Ovid’s Amatory Poems and Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde

Formation of Brain Text and the Ethical Expression in Bernard Shaw’s Early Plays

The “Ethical Filtering” in the Animated Adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Plays

Revisiting Walter Scott’s Return to Romance in Ivanhoe: The Ethical Blending of Politics and Aesthetics in the Historical Novel

Technology Utopian Imagination and Posthuman Anxiety: An Ethical Criticism of Artificial Intelligence in R.U.R.

Space, Thing and Human in Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said: An Ethical Thought Experiment

Ethical Introspection on Domestic Violence in The Vegetarian

Ethical Choice: “Authorial Agency” or “Readerly Responsibility”? On the Narrative Trap of The Crimson Candle and James Phelan’s Selective Blindness

Ethical Expression and Dual Emotions of the Anti-Japanese War in The New Immigrant Literature

“Polyphonic Dialogue” in Bakhtin’s Interdisciplinary Exploration

Cultural Misunderstanding in the Perspective of Mutual Learning among Civilizations

A Cosmopolitan View of the Relevance of Literary Theory in the Twentieth Century: A Review of Galin Tihanov’s The Birth and Death of Literary Theory: Regimes of Relevance in Russia and Beyond

In the “Unhomely” Island: Chinese Writer’s Pursuit of Self-Identity

Rereading Foreign Literary Classics, Constructing Humanities Genealogy with Chinese Manner

Interdisciplinary Communication on the Formation and Dissemination of Literary Classics