ISL Vol.5 No.1


From Literary Trends to the Theory of Literary Criticism: The Theoretical Construction of Ethical Literary Criticism

Three Forms of Literary Texts and Theoretical Foundations of Ethical Literary Criticism

Ethical Literary Criticism: Critical Theoretical Innovation Based on the Chinese and Western Cultures

Ethical Literary Criticism: Ethical Choice, Ethical Consciousness, and Ethical Action

On the Methodological Value of Ethical Literary Criticism

Bridging the Gap Between Literary Criticism and the Social Reality: The Value Choice and Theoretical Construction of Ethical Literary Criticism

“The Defence of Poesy”: On the Ethical Teaching Function of Literature

Ethical Literary Criticism and the Communication Mechanism of Literary Education

Colonial “Brain Text” in British Postcolonial Literature: A Perspective of Ethical Literary Criticism

A Sensory Community: On Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Datongist Ethical Choice

A Study of the Female Images in Shakespeare’s Four Tragedies from the Perspective of Ethical Literary Criticism

“Talos the Oblivion”: Ethical Narrative of Ancient Greek’s Automata

Citations of Confucian Classics in Kokon Hyakumonogatari Hyoban: The Ethical Function of “Benwakumono” in Early Modern Japan

The Anxiety of the Transformation from Agricultural Civilization to Industrial Civilization: Ethical Choice and Identity Construction in North and South

Rhythm Is an Ideal State: Proceeding from Forster’s Views on the Novel

In Search of “Spectrum” of “Chineseness” in Chinese Literature in the New Era

Original and Comprehensive Features of A Study on the Theory of Ethical Literary Criticism

The Specter of Memory and Ethical Choice in When the World Was Green